The hair switch project

The lawyers at Field Fisher Waterhouse may soon be the best coiffured in the City following a recent deal with award-winning and long-established UK hairdressers Mahogany Hair.

A team led by mane man Mark Abell and featuring young snipper Graeme Payne advised Mahogany on cutting a deal with one of its former stylists, Hamish Glianos, the right to operate a chain of Mahogany salons in Australia.

According to Payne, Field Fisher is creating something of a “hairdressing team”, with other clients including Wella and Hair on Broadway.

“Unfortunately, there haven’t been any free haircuts yet,” said Payne, “but it has been mooted. If you check out Mahogany’s website, there’s a picture of the owner, Richard Thompson, with Will Young. I don’t think we’re quite in the same league – yet.”

Indeed, Thompson himself heaped praise on Field Fisher for its “encyclopaedic knowledge of international franchising and their appreciation and sensitivity to both our commercial and artistic needs”.

Surely, those free haircuts are just a snip away.