The best-dressed hobo

Managing partners these days are required to give up a lot
for their firms. But Hammonds’ outgoing managing partner Chris Jones went beyond the call of duty the other day, risking life and limb on a recent journey north.

When the train Jones was travelling on ground to a halt two miles outside Wakefield, passengers were informed that the engine had broken down and a replacement was being sent up from Peterborough. The only problem was that it would take five hours to arrive.

As it was 10pm, Jones was less than impressed. Being a determined sort of bloke, and not wanting to sit on board until three in the morning, he climbed out of the train via the guard’s van.

Reassured by the fact that his train was blocking anything else from coming along, Jones then walked along the main line to Wakefield, where he could continue his journey and be at work bright and early the next morning.

Peter Crossley, managing partner-elect, clearly has a lot to live up to. Perhaps he’s already in training.