Vos looks to write some wrongs

Get ready for another Legal Services Bill clash. The Lords have not even settled into the next session of Parliament and the Bar Council has already drawn its sword.

Geoffrey Vos QC, the chair of the Bar Council, will today (16 April) lead a fight to fence the Lords into a corner so that they agree to a raft of amendments to the controversial bill.

Through one-on-one duels with peers, Vos will gallantly seek to persuade the Lords that changes need to be made to the Clementi-inspired bill.

One parry will be to ensure that the Lord Chancellor consults the Lord Chief Justice when appointing to the Legal Services Board so as to ensure the independence of the bar. Vos, however, knows that the pen is often mightier than the sword, so he also used the written word in his attack.

Putting pen to paper, Vos writes: “Peers have an important opportunity at the report stage to make a better bill for consumers and the public generally.”