Web week

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TJ Hookers

Jokes about lawyers are a dime a dozen, but legal humour blog Lowering The Bar (www.lowering thebar.net) at least tries to laugh with lawyers rather than at them. Its tagline is: “Legal humour. ­Seriously.” Very clever.

A recent post involves Texas police officer Keith Breiner, who was up in court for having sex with prostitutes. Nothing strange there, you might think. But there is a twist.

He is fighting for his job back on the force, claiming that having sex with the prostitutes was “part of his job” and that he “didn’t enjoy it”.

Breiner claims he was only following orders as part of a surveillance operation targeting two brothels. “If you’re asking if I had an orgasm, yes,” he told the court. “It was a job, sir. I didn’t have pleasure doing this. I was paid to do it.”
Well, it beats dishing out parking tickets.

Angel’s delight

Congratulations are in order for national firm Shoosmiths after ­Nottingham-based legal PA Marie Mann was named as Best PA in Show at the Office Angel Awards.

The firm has dedicated a corner of its website (www.shoosmiths.co.uk)
to Mann’s regional win, which sees her shortlisted for the national award taking place at top London restaurant The Ivy.

Understandably, Shoosmiths is happy with her performance, seeing as she is doing the work of the lawyers for them.

According to the site, Mann won the prize after organising a property deeds audit, involving 300 deeds, for a client.

The site claims this is “going the extra mile”, but Web Week ventures to suggest that “doing someone else’s job” might also cover it.