The game of the name

The game of the nameThe Lawyer UK 200 Annual Report 2008’s fantasy merger suggestions caused more than the odd ruffling of feathers – but Tulkinghorn can’t help thinking that more than a few tricks were missed by this otherwise ­distinguished publication.

For starters, surely an obvious merger would be Lawrence Graham (LG) and Norton Rose, who could join forces to create a media powerhouse called Graham Norton?

Costs involved in finding new premises could be avoided, as the two firms already sit side by side on the South Bank. And at least LG’s brightly coloured interior would be a fitting reflection of the wardrobe of the flamboyant showbiz personality.

But surely a far slicker merger would be between Bond Pearce and Hugh James – James Bond. We are sure that respective managing partners Victor Tettmar and Matthew Tossell would drink a dry martini to that one. Tulkinghorn certainly would.

For a one-stop Westminster shop, we suggest Gordons and Mayer Brown tie the knot and rename the resultant entity Gordon Brown.

Perhaps clients with significant IP interests would go for a Watson Farley
& Williams/Shakespeare Putsman merger? That would enable Birmingham’s Shakespeare to go back to its roots at least – a (non-literary) William Shakespeare was one of the founding partners of Plunkett & Shakespeare way back in 1861.