Finers Stephens Innocent

The Lawyer UK 200

  • UK 200 Position: 97

  • Position: 94
    Firm: Finers Stephens Innocent

    Turnover: £22m
    Profit per equity partner: £435K
    Earnings per partner: £285K
    Equity spread: £263K-£570K
    Net profit: £5.9m
    Profit margin: 27 per cent
    Revenue per fee-earner: £244K
    Revenue per lawyer: £293K
    Revenue per partner: £667K
    Revenue per equity partner: £1.69m
    Total number of fee-earners: 90
    Total number of qualified partners: 75
    Total number of partners: 33
    Total number of equity partners: 13
    Total number of female partners: 6
    Total number of female equity partners: 0
    Total number of staff: 168
    Leverage ratio (equity partners/fee-earners): 1:4.8

    2005-06: Litigation 1
    2004-05: 0
    2003-04: 0

    2005-06: Property 1, corporate 1
    2004-05: Litigation 1, IP 1, property 1
    2003-04: Corporate 1

    Intake as percentage of partnership 2005-06: 11
    New female partners as percentage of intake 2005-06: 33
    Firms recruited from: Kilpatrick Stockton, Lawrence Graham, Lewis Silkin, McClure Naismith, Rooks Rider
    Equity structure: 13 equity partners, 15 non-equity partners
    Practice area(s) most heavily promoted: Litigation

    Finers Stephens Innocent has appointed seven partners in three years, of whom only one is internal. That internal appointment is also the sole new female partner in the past three years.

    Appointments have been across the board, but litigation and corporate and property have managed slightly more. Each has expanded by two partners in the past three years.