Chimp my ride

Chimp my rideTulkinghorn knows the bar suffers from an image problem, particularly when it comes to looking cool.

He can understand it – when you see 1,000 old white men emerge from the same silver grey Porsche at the same time and the same place, it makes one think.

Personal injury barrister Simon Carr of 9 Gough Square has come up with an innovative way to update his chambers’ image. He may own a Porsche, and have a little way to go before he reaches the Fonz level of cool, but at least his car is covered in pictures of chimpanzees.

Carr drives his ‘Chimpmobile’ to work every day, after spraypainting ­pictures of his favourite animal onto the vehicle.

Tulkinghorn is encouraged by his work, and pleased to see that characters still exist at the bar.