Brand on the run

Branding poses law firms difficulties. They must strike the balance between something inane but not evil, professional but not boring.

Tulkinghorn ­understands that ­Addleshaw Goddard might be having a few problems with that ­balance. One of his moles was curious to hear that the firm wants its external branding to be in tune with whichever ­particular client it is ­advising.

For example, while working with ­aggressively ­expansive hotel client Travelodge, the lawyers adopt a “down to earth” approach, ­eschewing the ­normal airs and graces of a private practice law firm.

So it’s a good job that Stringfellows isn’t a name on its corporate roster. Addleshaws’ lawyers would be forced to turn up ­covered in baby oil and pole dance around the