Forget Hello!, forget OK! Magazine. And forget those shots of Anthea Turner provocatively eating a certain brand of chocolate on her wedding day. Tulkinghorn is the man and The Lawyer’s diary page is where it’s at. This week he brings you exclusive pictures from one of the weddings of the year.

Bar supremo David Pannick QC married Nathalie Trager-Lewis, a lawyer at Reid Minty, at Claridges on 2 September. Tulkinghorn reckons those celebrity mags, or at least The Jewish Chronicle, would have paid good money for our exclusive shots. A very chipper Pannick is flanked by his minders from Blackstone Chambers, senior clerk Martin Smith and first junior Gary Oliver. Squeezing in between the newlyweds is media lawyer and best man Henri Brandman.

Pannick, we understand, just couldn’t bear to miss out on his latest edition of The Lawyer. It was biked down to the hotel especially and he took a few minutes in between exchanging wedding vows and jetting off on his honeymoon to the Seychelles to catch up on the latest news – and we have the pictures to prove it.