Plate class

Tulkinghorn is kicking off a competition to find the best in-house chef at a UK law firm. Let’s face it, these days a quick bite with a partner is more likely to feature curling sandwiches in a dingy room than fois gras at The Ivy. So it’s important the hosts get it right from the start if they want to a make a good impression on the procession of jaded hacks that troop through the door. Oh, and the odd client as well.

Currently heading the list is Mayer Brown. Head chef Dennis Mwakulua of Avenance, the catering business that has been filling Mayer Brown bellies for 10 years, is a former basketball-playing rapper from Kenya. After a rapid reinvention, he now makes sure the sweet potato ice-cream is just so and the roast belly of tamarind-glazed Norfolk pork (with kachumbari salad, naturally) is not too dry. The firm has set the bar high. Tulkinghorn eagerly awaits word of its competition (invitations to sample gratefully received) at the usual address.