Hambro downsizes PI panel

THE LAWYER is not only the most widely-read newspaper or magazine among solicitors, it is also the best publication for jobs, according to two independent surveys.

A survey by legal recruiters ZMB in conjunction with The Times, confirms

The Lawyer as solicitors' favourite legal publication with 86 per cent identifying themselves as regular readers.

This puts The Lawyer ahead of the Law Society's magazine, the Gazette. It is also above The Times, with a 71 per cent readership, and Legal Business, with 41 per cent.

The Lawyer is also confirmed as the best publication in which to find a job. Of the 555 solicitors surveyed 91 per cent said they consulted The Lawyer, compared with the Gazette's 76 per cent and 73 per cent for The Times.

Another survey, conducted by Media Monitoring Services, compared the amount of recruitment advertising carried by The Lawyer, The Times and the Gazette, and showed The Lawyer yet again dominating the market. Between June 1996 and May 1997, The Lawyer carried 49 per cent of the total recruitment advertising of the three publications compared to the Gazette's 19 per cent and The Times at 32 per cent.

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