A gifted family of juniors

According to solicitors in family law there is much talent to choose from among the younger members of the family Bar.

Opinions differ as to whether family and matrimonial solicitors are spoilt for choice when looking for a good senior or middle-ranking junior. For the present it seems there is a whole raft of juniors who are impressing the solicitors who brief them.

At Queen Elizabeth Building, headed by Ian Karsten QC, Lewis Marks is “bright and has an agile mind”, and Tim Amos is another senior junior receiving the highest number of recommendations.

At 1 Mitre Court Buildings, Philip Moor is “sensible and good with clients”, Valentine LeGrice “has a brain like a jewelled watch” and Nigel Dyer is “excellent and has good judgement”.

Lucy Stone and Nick Francis – “the best junior around at the moment” – and the “very good fun to work with” Neil Sanders at 29 Bedford Row are top of the recommendations.

At Queen Elizabeth Building, Andrew Moylan and Jennifer Roberts are recommended.

At 29 Bedford Row there is seen to be a “good breadth of expertise”. Senior junior Peter Duckworth is noted for pensions, Howard Shaw is “highly regarded, and extremely competent” and Deborah Bangay is “fairly punchy”. Philip Cayford is “very good with clients”, Ann Hussey and the more junior Robert Peel are “getting a high rating” and Nicola Gray was described as “fab”. Also singled out are Clare Renton, John Wilson, and Paul Storey.

Kate Davidson at 1 Mitre Court Building is tipped as “one to watch”, as are the “very tenacious” Christopher Wood for money cases, Tim Bishop, Nick Cusworth and the “good value” Gavin Smith. With his accountancy training, Charles Todd is recommended, as are Richard Todd and Elizabeth Todd. Catriona Murfitt and Rachel Platts are the more junior juniors to watch at this set, while Nicholas Carden is “very helpful and user-friendly”, as are Andrew Hershman and Robin Spon-Smith.

Again at Queen Elizabeth Building, senior junior Roderick Blyth is seen to be up-and-coming, as is Andrew Tidbury and the “robust and forthright” Thomas Brudenell. Oliver Wise “has a very wide spectrum of work” while Michael Hosford-Tanner, Sarah Edwards and Elizabeth Clarke are picked out as “ones to watch for the future”. Baby barrister Alexander Thorpe at the same set is described as “very bright”. At the other Queen Elizabeth Building headed by Lindsay Burn, Jane Probyn is “very good in court”.

At 1 King's Bench Walk, James Turner and Christopher Pocock are “good advocates”; Andrew McFarlane is “good on childcare matters”, as are Anthony Kirk and Deborah Eaton.

Diane Redgrave at Gray's Inn Chambers is mentioned, as is Charles Howard at New Court Chambers, and David Balcombe at 1 Crown Office Row. Stephen Lyon, Kate Hudson and Samantha King at 14 Gray's Inn Square are “dependable and approachable”, while another described Joanna Hall as his “guru”. Others singled out are Pamela Warner, Brenda Morris, David Bedingfield, David Turner and Mark Emanuel.

For third party intervention cases, John Stocker at One Garden Court is rated. Peter Nathan, Martin O'Dwyer and Caroline Willbourne at the same set also receive mention. For child abduction cases, Henry Setright at 1 Gray's Inn Square is mentioned, as is Kharin Cox. Marcus Scott-Manderson, Michael Stern, Justin Ageros and Mark Johnstone at Lionel Swift QC's 4 Paper Buildings are all noted.

Next door, at 3 Paper Buildings headed by Michael Parroy QC, Richard Tyson, Leo Curran, Kate Branigan and Michael Norman are all well-regarded. And for the more difficult individual cases, Lee Arnot at 22 Old Buildings is recommended.

At 4 Brick Court, headed by Antony Shaw QC, a number of the juniors are rated for cases involving children – Anne Gibberd, Anne Spratling, Martha Cover, Catherine Nicholes, Nick O'Brien, Frances Orchover and Meena Gill. At David Medhurst's 4 Brick Court Marianna Hildyard is mentioned.

Malcolm Hay and Barbara King at No 3 Dr Johnson's Buildings are noted, as are John Ker-Reid, Anne Waddington, Hugh Travers and Oliver Peirson at Pump Court Chambers headed by Guy Boney QC. Robin Tolson at 35 Essex Street is also noted.