Many lawyers try to attract Tulkinghorn’s attention, but Wilberforce IP barrister Anna Carboni went as far as Kenya to climb Mount Kilimajaro.

Carboni even managed to convince her husband to come along on the trek. No mean feat, says Carboni, because “we’re not really people who spend our weekends traipsing around the countryside in the pouring rain.

It was quite something to get my husband up a mountain.” Carboni and hubby were accompanied by 18 IP lawyers, a ragtag bunch from around the world, who met up at the International Trademark Association uber-networking event. “I’m not quite sure what you call a gaggle of IP lawyers,” said Carboni.

Of course, the nine-day trek was all in the name of charity (Action Aid). And Tulkinghorn is happy to have provided the reading material. And the matching hat? No, not a newly branded marketing tool from The Lawyer, but a present from Carboni’s mother.