Readie readie catchie Birdy

Tulkinghorn has always been staggered by the percentage of the population who believe the term 'honest lawyer' is an oxymoron. But Bird & Bird has helped in Tulkinghorn's quest to show that if you want to know the truth, ask a lawyer.
He was browsing the firm's website the other day (if Tulkinghorn was any more modern, he would be in the 22nd century) when he noticed a rather intriguing IT law bulletin dating from February this year that he had not yet read.
Clicking on to said piece, Tulkinghorn was amused to see how his very thoughts were reflected in the text. After plodding through a rather stodgy opening on page 10, he noticed that whoever wrote or edited the piece obviously shared his opinions, as written in the left hand margin were the words “boring intro”. On page 4 he found a note to “improve paragraph”, while certain bits lacking an ending bore the instruction “conclude”.
Isn't it nice in the smokescreen of marketing 'initiatives' to find a little glimmer of the light of truth?