Knowles knows

Last Tuesday witnessed the DLA Art Awards. Tulkinghorn was dismayed that there were no landscapes, and while tempted by the large glass and water sculptures on show that would house Tulkinghorn's goldfish admirably, he baulked a little at the prices.
However, DLA managing partner Nigel Knowles has an eye for a bargain, as Tulkinghorn discovered reading down the entry list, complete with prices. The award is a prize of £5,000 and the guarantee that the firm will buy one of your works. Comparing prices, Tulkinghorn spotted that one of the artists undercut most of the others, with some works at only £200. And who received the award? The very same Jo Okell. But Knowles must have found a little more spare change, as the piece the firm bought was the most expensive on her list, at a lipsmacking £2,500.
Incidentally, Tulkinghorn hears that it is unlikely any of the works will end up in Knowles's palatial Chelsea pad as he's more inclined towards Constable than Hirst.