Highway to sell

Now, if you were a road, which road would you be? This may sound like a stupid question, but the choice of Leeds-based firm Lupton Fawcett borders on the ridiculous.
Unlike Tulkinghorn, who if pushed would have to plump for London's Mincing Lane, Lupton Fawcett has opted for the M1. Yes, the firm really wants to be one of the most dangerous, unpleasant and crowded motorways in the country.
This is all part of a rebranding exercise, and in an apparent effort to confuse Tulkinghorn further, the firm has also developed a new logo. This simply entails squaring the 'o' in Lupton as if it were a zero, although on the press release it appears simply as 'o_'. Bizarre or what?
According to Richard Marshall, the firm's partner responsible for marketing, the significance of squaring/underscoring the 'o' is that “it symbolises squaring the circle, which is what we do. We're not just experts on legal issues; our real function is to help clients to achieve their goals.” Oh, nearly forgot that it is now Lupto2nfawcett (they had to do something in lower case, after all) rather than Lupton Fawcett. Sensational.