Happy as Larry

Those of us who visit the gymnasium regularly like to use various stimuli to push for the burn.

Tulkinghorn’s nephew, for example, likes to pump away to Eye of the Tiger, while the old man himself favours Barber’s Adagio for Strings.

Nothing so clichéd for Ted Burke. The new ­Freshfields managing ­partner likes to pound the treadmill every morning while watching episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Apparently, watching a bald, avuncular misanthrope blundering his way through life is the perfect preparation for spending a day looking after lawyers.

Perl jammed

Bill Perlstein, the current co-managing partner of US firm WilmerHale, has an outlook on life that Tulkinghorn believes could best be described as ’pithy’.

As you have just no doubt read with interest in this week’s US column, next year Perlstein will step down from his management role along with Wilmer’s other co-managing partner – and other well-known Bill – Bill Lee.

All of which means that Wilmer not only has a new era just around the corner, but Perlstein’s imminent stepping down from the top job has forced him to consider his career in an entirely new light.

“I’ve only ever worked for one firm my entire life,” admits Perlstein. “I’m either very loyal or can’t get another job.”

As Perlstein is staying on after quitting as co-managing partner, heading back to Wilmer’s bankruptcy practice full-time, Tulkinghorn is plumping for the latter.


The Damned United was one of the most riveting films of 2009, especially if you’re a Derby County, Leeds United
or even a Brian Clough fan. And last week one of the big names featured in the ­controversial movie, former midfielder Johnny Giles, showed up at Leeds firm Ford & Warren Solicitors.

In case you missed it, Giles went to court in 2008 over inaccuracies in the book upon which the movie was based. Giles won, thanks to Ford & Warren, which represented him in the libel action. Two years later the former footy star popped in to the firm’s offices for a reading from his autobiography, A Football Man.

Back of the net, as Mr Partridge might say.

Wedding receptions

Thoughts on the recent merger of Hammonds and Squire Sanders from a variety of sources, in order of descending enthusiasm.

From Squire Sanders chairman James ­Maiwurm, new global chair and chief executive officer: “We can move ­forward confidently, ­knowing we’re united and that this is something both firms really want.”

From the firm’s website: “Standing still is not an option. Keeping up is not a goal. We are driven to accelerate ahead.”

From John Quinn, head of US litigation boutique Quinn Emanuel: “Two rocks that think if they hug each other tight enough they won’t sink.”

And finally a quip that echoes Quinn from ­another US partner, but anonymous this time: “Two drunks leaning on each other for support.”

Then again, was that last one about SNR Denton?

Balls and brains

Alan Partridge, of “North Norfolk’s best music mix” fame, is back on the celebrity block with his online show. But that’s not the only thing putting East Anglia on the map.

Last week Tulkinghorn was the grateful recipient of a stress-relieving black-and-white plastic sphere, courtesy of Norwich giant GMS-Law. On it was the legend ’We’ve got balls’.

tulkOf course you have. This, plus the fact that the GMS business streams advertised on its website include ’Gay Law’ suggests that this up-to-the-minute firm is keeping its eye ­firmly on the ball(s).