The Lawyer launches in-house forum

The Lawyer is launching a series of UK-based in-house forums to allow company lawyers the opportunity to meet with their peers.

The first forum will be held on the afternoon of the 25 January at the Barbican in London, with others to follow on 16 May and 26 September.

Participants include the director of group legal affairs at Bass, managing director and general counsel of Nomura and partners from leading law firms. Topics discussed will range from selecting law firms and setting fees to litigation and project management.

The in-house forum will meet on a regular basis in half-day sessions with input from a limited number of law firms.

Editor of The Lawyer Sean Brierley says: “We have spent the best part of a year canvassing the opinion of leading in-house counsel to come up with this innovative series of events.”

For further information call 0171 970 4746.