Litigation Writs 15/11/99

Morgan Construction Vo, of Massachusetts in the US, is suing Kvaerner Metals Davy of Stockton-on-Tees, seeking injunctions restraining it from keeping, using or disposing of any documents belonging to Morgan, and from making use of confidential information. Morgan also seeks delivery of all articles and materials in Kvaerner's possession whose use or disposal would contravene the injunctions sought, an affidavit attesting that it has complied with its obligations, and an inquiry into damages or an account of profits stemming from alleged breaches of contract, acts of conversion and breaches of confidence.

Claim issued by Taylor Joynson Garrett, London EC

Dr Hasmuhkray Bhatt of Pinner, Middlesex, is suing Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust for damages for alleged injurious falsehood contained in a press release published by the authority on 24 May 1996. The claim is valued at more than £15,000.

Claim issued by The Sethi Partnership, Ruislip

High Court moves have been made to wind up the affairs of a group of Leighton Buzzard-based property companies. Richard and Nathalie Walley seek declarations that partnerships between them and Nicholas and Jennifer Walley have been dissolved. Husband and wife Richard and Nathalie have carried on several property related businesses with Richard's brother, Nicholas since 1994. They worked as estate agents under the name Nicholas Prestige Homes, as managers of a residential property called Nicholas Management and as partners in a business buying, developing, selling and letting property called Prestige Developments. On 2 December 1998 Nicholas allegedly wrongfully transferred £25,000 from a business account into his personal bank account and then gave notice of his intention to dissolve the partnerships. The claim alleges that he and wife Jennifer knew that without cash being released to Richard and Nathalie, developments in progress would be unable to advance and considerable losses would result. Nicholas ordered his brother to vacate offices, and removed documents, files, computer files, and books belonging to his brother without consent.

Claim issued by Taylor Walton, Luton

Judith Simmonds, of Lampeter, Wales, is suing Tony Newman, a prisoner at HMP Guys Marsh, Shaftesbury, Dorset, under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 for an order that the freehold property at Lampeter, which they hold as tenants in common, be sold on her instructions.

Claim issued by Alison Trent & Co, London EC

KSS Architects of London W1 is suing Wivenhoe Quay of Reading for £90,893 allegedly due under invoices for professional services, as well as costs and interest. KSS allegedly sent invoices, due for immediate payment between 14 December 1998 and 28 June this year, but Wivenhoe Quay has not paid any part of the money.

Claim issued by Barnett Alexander Chart, London WC

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