It's been a good week for

Rights. The Commission for Racial Equality, the Equal Opportunities Commission and the National Disability Council launched a pocket guide aimed at small businesses entitled Equal Opportunities is Your Business Too. It details the civil liberties and human rights legislation affecting companies.

Former Conservative minister David Mellor, whose lover Penelope Cobham is reportedly seeking a £1m divorce settlement from her former husband, Viscount Cobham.

Clients of Birmingham firm Glaisyers. They were apparently found frantically re-applying their make-up before their appointment with partner Ewen Smith after discovering that Eastenders hard man Grant Mitchell, alias actor Ross Kemp, would be sitting in on the meeting. Kemp was shadowing Smith to prepare for his new role as solicitor Sam Lucas for the four-part series Active Defence, and is now keen to inform the world about the harsh realities involved in mining the coalface of justice. Smith, who was so impressed by Kemp's lawyering skills that he offered him a job, says: "He was very switched on, mixed well with all the staff and mastered his facts very quickly." Kemp was also a hit with Smith's clients, who were only too keen to allow the soap star to hear their problems.