It's been a bad week for

Deaf people, who cannot become jurors because of the sanctity of the jury room, according to Judge Shirley Anwyl QC of Woolwich Crown Court. The reason given for the decision was that the sign language interpreter, as a 13th person, would not be permitted to enter the jury room. However, Lord Irvine is currently considering what can be done to assist deaf people taking part in the legal process.

Oil and gas giants, following a High Court victory by Greenpeace which could put a halt to oil exploration off the coast of the UK in order to protect whales, dolphins, deep-sea coral and other rare marine wildlife. Mr Justice Maurice Kay ruled that the UK had broken the law by reducing protections re-quired under a European Directive to 12 instead of 200 nautical miles.

Obnoxious, pompous barristers, who can now be fined for being rude to their clients. The Bar Council will consider whether to recommend that compensation of up to £2,000 be paid to clients who suffer from barristers' bad behaviour.