F&C law survey tests in-house standards

The legal department at F&C Asset Management has launched its first-ever customer service survey, which will question both external and internal clients of the legal function with the aim of getting a better measure of its performance.

Surveys have gone out to F&C’s key external clients and 50 of the key people inside the organisation who use the legal function.

Director of legal services Gillian Switalski told The Lawyer: “We’re doing the survey so we know what our clients thought of us over the recent past and what their requirements are from us over the next 12 months.”

Replies to the survey are expected by the end of May, but Switalski says she has already received some feedback, most of it with a positive slant. “Good feedback is encouraging because people don’t always tell you when they like your service. However, I equally welcome bad feedback, as that will tell us what we need to alter,” she said.

Once the results are in, Switalski and her team will analyse them with the aim of setting more meaningful performance targets for the next 12 months.

Switalski joined F&C in 2000 and heads a team of seven lawyers.