It's been a good week for…

Schoolteacher Joanna Laromani, who has been awarded £15,000 damages against South Yorkshire Police. Laromani had refused to give two officers her boyfriend's driving documents after an incident at home in 1997. The officers had grabbed her but she struggled free, ran inside and phoned 999. However, when more police arrived, they handcuffed her and bundled her into a police car. She was acquitted of charges of assault and threatening behaviour. Despite this, South Yorkshire Police refuses to apologise.

Italian media magnate Silvio Berlusconi has had convictions for bribery overturned by an appeal court in Milan. Berlusconi had been found guilty in 1998 of complicity in bribing tax inspectors, but the appeal court cleared him of one count of bribery and invoked the statute of limitations on another three, on the grounds that too much time had passed.

One-year-old Lucas Morad, whose Pokemon allowance looks set to increase if his Mum wins her battle for increased child support from his Dad. Mum Lucian, a Brazilian model, wants her former boyfriend, a certain Mick Jagger, to increase his support from £6,700 to £23,300 a month.

A teacher who specialises in working with emotionally and behaviourally disturbed children. The teacher, who was brought to the edge of a nervous breakdown by a school bully, has been awarded £300,000 from his council employers – thought to be a record for stress at work – after the bullying led him to suffer insomnia and develop an obsession with work. The tribunal heard that the local authority in Shropshire had not intervened early enough to protect the teacher from "bullying" by… the headmistress.