Dotcom mania makes me mad

Am I alone in feeling that I am being dragged along by the internet goldrush.

It's not just the farcical valuations of non-businesses just because they have dotcom after their name.

Nor is it the moral panics, first about porn, then about credit card fraud and now about viruses.

No, it is the insidious feeling that because I don't know my intranets from my internets I am not only sad and obviously old, but I am a danger to my business.

Your Special Report on e-commerce. (Who was that man who wrote a whole book without using the letter 'e'?), while admirably clear took as read that we are caught on time's arrow, that the process of change and technological advancement is relentless and the profession must embrace or die.

Now I for one, want to say slow down. I use a computer, I even use a PDA, but I don't believe that they are indispensable. It is my legal expertise and my client support that will ensure my business evolves or goes extinct. Not my network.

Abigail Phelps, Nottingham