TV group on hunt for media experts

WOULD-BE media lawyers are being invited to join the Royal Television Society as part of a drive to recruit new members.

The society – which promotes the television industry with a series of events and awards – already boasts a presence from many top law firms.

Existing lawyer-members say that the organisation is a good way of becoming

immersed in media culture and gaining an insight into media law.

Practices with members in the society include Allison & Humphreys, Davenport Lyons, Clifford Chance, Denton Hall and Radcliffes.

One member is Alan Leighton-Davis, an experienced television lawyer, who has worked with Granada Television’s ’World in Action’ team and is now a consultant with Radcliffes.

He says that media work is becoming increasingly popular among lawyers. “It is interesting, but you have to be very sharp and dynamic and you have to act very quickly.”

Leon Morgan, senior partner with Davenport Lyons, which is recognised in the industry for its media expertise, is another member.

He says: “I am a keen supporter of the society. They have dinners with guest speakers which are interesting and are a good place to take clients from the industry.”

Annual membership fees for the society are £49 but a special rate of £35 is effective for anybody who opts to join this year.

Michael Grade, society president and Channel 4 chief executive, comments: “It’s a pretty vital organisation for anybody in broadcasting and many more people need to be aware of the benefits of joining.”