PR abbrev pretty rubbish

Two examples this week of Tulkinghorn’s favourite black art – PR.

First, we were obviously gratified to Travers Smith Braithwaite for sending through a press release containing the revelation that Centaur was to float on AIM. As we were informed in the ‘notes for editors’ section, Centaur Communications is one of the UK’s largest independent publishing and information companies, publishing a number of weekly titles, which just happen to include The Lawyer. Thank goodness for Travers. We had no idea our parent company was to float.

Second, we have the hapless external PR working on the MacRoberts account. The lady contacted The Lawyer last week to enquire whether MacRoberts could contribute to The Lawyer’s “upcoming feature on Scotland”. Would that, by any chance, be the same Scotland feature that ran in the 1 March edition?