Peruvian judicial system gets £6.6m cash injection from World Bank

The World Bank is lending Peru $12m (£6.66m) to help it reform its judicial system, making it more efficient and better able to serve poor and isolated communities across the country.

The bank’s ‘Justice Services Improvement’ project also aims to help the Peruvian government improve the development of the country’s National Judicial Council, the Judicial Academy and its Ministry of Justice.

In particular, the funding will be spent on improving human resource management and planning models within Peru’s judicial organisations, as well as boosting cooperation between them and other civic groups representing the poor and disadvantaged.

World Bank Peru country director Marcelo Giugale said: “More efficient, independent and transparent justice sector institutions are a key instrument for strengthening the rule of law and achieving economic development in Peru.”

The loan will be paid out over the next four years and be repayable in 14 years.