Card bored

In Cannes at Mipim (property lawyers’ social event of the year) last week, one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes encountered charming Slaughter and May partner Dermot Rice – and a little bit of déjà vu.

Several years ago, The Lawyer had encountered Rice at Mipim for the first time and, naturally for this networking extravaganza, instigated an exchange of business cards.

Surprisingly, though, Rice had failed to bring such essential kit with him, so when Tulkinghorn’s scribe bumped into him at this year’s event, she was hopeful of finally getting her hand on one of Slaughters’ precious white cards.

Unfortunately, although Rice claims to have remembered to bring some business cards with him this time round, he didn’t have any on him. Now, either Rice had been making up for lost time and divulged himself of a whole stack of cards, or someone needs to start packing his bags for him.