Prosecutor at centre of row takes top regional CPS post

A prosecutor who left female lawyers distressed and in tears after a furious bust-up has been promoted to a senior management role in the Crown Prosecution Service.
David Adams has been appointed Chief Crown Prosecutor in Derbyshire, with status equivalent to the area's chief constable. The row prompted an external review of staff relations and the management structure at East Midlands area headquarters.
Adams, assistant chief crown prosecutor at the time in April 1997, voluntarily moved to a post at CPS Midlands. A memo signed by CPS' head of personnel Glyn Harvey described his behaviour as “inappropriate and ill-advised”.
Adams' new post will put him in direct control of one of the female lawyers who made the complaint against him.
The row took place in East Midlands' Nottingham HQ. Adams is alleged to have yelled at seven senior staff who arrived late for a meeting after having lunch together.
A letter was signed by the seven and sent to First Division of Civil Servants, the union which represents CPS lawyers. It alleged: “The two [female staff] who work alongside the ACCP [Adams] are too frightened to return there.”
Brian McArdle, the Chief Crown Prosecutor in charge of East Midlands, who retires in April, says: “This is a load of nonsense. Something happened a few years ago, and for this sort of thing to be raked up is quite disgraceful.”
He says the incident was “overblown” at the time and it was not even serious enough for disciplinary proceedings to be brought. A CPS spokeswoman says the panel that interviewed applicants for the 42 CCP jobs was never made aware of the incident, saying it was a “local issue” which had been resolved.