Its been a good week for

Privacy. Sir Elton John and his lawyers Eversheds, won a landmark ruling from the Press Complaints Commission, agreeing that his privacy was invaded when newspapers published long-lens photographs of Posh Spice and David Beckham at Elton's home. The ruling opens the floodgates to complaints lodged on behalf of visitors by their hosts.

Censorship. The US Supreme Court has given the go-ahead for a lawsuit against film director Oliver Stone alleging that his film, Natural Born Killers, inspired a real life attempted murder. This could clear the way for legal actions which will curb cinematic freedom.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), whose staff were heaped with praise this week by The Sun newspaper. And what had the CPS heroes done? Convicted a rapist, put an embezzler behind bars, or even won a case? Er, no. They had scoffed a load of Walkers crisps, thereby collecting "Free Books for Schools" tokens, part of a massive promotional campaign being run by The Sun.