It's been a bad week for

Writer Michael Thornton, whose 13-years-in-the-making biography of the Duchess of Argyll could be scuppered by the lawyers of a "headless man". Thornton has received more than a dozen letters threatening legal action from lawyers representing the Duchess' lover, whose headless body featured in photographs cited in divorce proceedings in 1963. The action was threatened after Thornton revealed his intention to disclose the man's identity in the biography, Argyll v Argyll, later this year.

Blow-up dolls. In a devastating infringement of human rights, Israel's Supreme Court is denying prisoner Amir Hazan a blow-up doll in his cell. Hazan says he needs the doll because he has been in jail since he was 14 years old. The Israeli authorities fear that he could use it in an escape bid.

Blocked nose medication. Magazine publisher Richard Davis has been given the go- ahead by the Court of Appeal to seek u5m damages from the manufacturers of an experimental drug known as "CV", and Camden and Islington health authority for prescribing the drug, which was still being trialed. Davis claims that the drug stimulated his libido and turned him into such a party animal that his business collapsed. The de- fendants claim the CV trial and its implications were explained to Davis.