The Official Solicitor is suing Dr K Shah and the Hammersmith Hospital NHS Trust for alleged medical negligence following the death of Jacqueline Morin on 13 January 1996. The claim is being brought on behalf of Morin's dependents and her estate. It includes claims for damages for bereavement and funeral expenses. The writ claims that Dr Shah treated Morin between June 1995 and 5 January 1996. Hammersmith Hospital NHS Trust are accused of providing negligent medical treatment, management and advice at Charing Cross Hospital from 5 January 1996 until her death on 13 January. The claim is being brought under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 and the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934. Writ issued by Parlett Kent, London EC1

The Rt Hon George Frederick Laurence Hyde Villiers, seventh Earl of Clarendon, has launched a High Court action against Roger and Daron Baylis-Duffield, both of Soberton Mill in Swanmore, Hampshire. The writ seeks possession of Soberton Mill and rent arrears of u8,510, mesne profits of u32,225 until possession, plus interest. It is alleged the Earl agreed to let the property to Roger Baylis-Duffield for u30,636 a year from April 1998, and that under the deal the parties entered into a deed of surrender in which the Baylis-Duffields would surrender their interest in the property if they did not proceed to exchange contracts to buy another property by 2 November 1998. The writ says that the Baylis-Duffields are obliged to give up possession of Soberton Mill, but in breach of the agreement have failed to do so.

Writ issued by Bircham & Co, London SW1

Pioneer Willment Concrete, based in South Harrow, is taking Stoners Buildings, of London EC4, to the High Court. The writ seeks a declaration that goods worth u75,000 belong to Pioneer, and calls for their return or payment of their value plus damages. Pioneer says that on 6 November 1998 it bought manufacturing and office equipment, raw materials and finished goods from Stoners' premises in West Sussex, but Stoners wrongfully seized the goods and continued to detain them. Pioneer claims that as a result it incurred increased staff costs of around u1,000 a week, and delivery costs of around u2,000 a week. Pioneer says its intention is to transfer its manufacturing operation to Nuneaton and make three staff who work at Stoners redundant, but due to what has happened it has been obliged to continue employing them.

Writ issued by Penningtons, London EC3