Hot flushes

While it is not normal practice to comment on the behaviour of fellow journalists at other publications operating in the legal arena, Tulkinghorn feels obliged to make an exception this week.
A story appeared in The Telegraph last week that really caught his eye. The news comes from those lovely chaps at Ernst & Young's (E&Y) Fetter Lane offices, where lunchtime breaks have been anticipated with even more excitement than usual over the last few weeks. At least, it has among the firm's more voyeuristic employees.
E&Y's building backs on to Newspaper House, Great New Street, where for several weeks a couple have been whiling away their lunch hour in the loo. The Telegraph reports one E&Y partner complaining that “all that flesh is just too diverting – it's quite put me off my double-entry book-keeping”. The relevance of this story to the legal profession – and it has absolutely nothing to do with lap dancing clubs – is that it is understood that the passionate liaisons have been taking place in the toilets of the Law Society Gazette. Conflicting reports come back from the Gazette, with one source claiming that E&Y's offices are miles away and that to see anything would require the latest in telescopic technology. The Telegraph commented simply: “It beats soliciting on the streets.”