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Leveraging your firm’s knowledge for a greater share of voice and market

By Samuel Page, Adam Elgar The “Excess Share of Voice” (ESOV) rule is as close to a law of marketing as we are likely to ever have. Across tens of thousands of marketing cases covering hundreds of markets and economic conditions, this rule is continually proved to be true. Brands that maintain a higher share […]

Reaching your market on LinkedIn (Best practice content campaigns – part 5)

By Samuel Page Reaching your target audience with content has always been a challenge. If you’ve been tuning into this post series you’ve already seen our best practice advice for planning a content campaign, defining your topics, and creating your content. Here we’re looking at how to reach an audience on LinkedIn through advertising.

Black Lives Matter: A call to action to dismantle institutional racism in the UK

By Desmond Brady The impact of eight minutes and 46 seconds in the murder of George Floyd watched by millions around the world sparked a new reckoning in the chapter of institutional racism—for not only in law enforcement but in society at large. Thousands of people marched in the streets around the globe and many […]

Debt for equity swaps – A possible solution to rising levels of debt?

By John Hamer, Debbie Jackson, Richard Naish, Daniel O’Gorman, Jo Stephenson, Oliver Duke The Financial Times recently reported that UK business faces a potential debt burden of up to £105 billion with small and medium sized companies under most pressure. Such levels of corporate debt are likely to be unsustainable and create obvious issues for […]

Technology trends lawyers should follow considering COVID-19—Part two

By Nayeem Syed In the previous article, we discussed how Covid-19 will accelerate existing technology trends and innovation. Here we will continue to discuss some of the implications which lawyers will need to consider and help manage their clients. As new technology is deployed at pace, technology-related risk-spotting becomes more important Many industries may see […]


Less power for barristers

John Malpas reports A MARKED shift of power away from barristers into the hands of solicitors will be caused by the proposed legal aid reforms, a leading legal pressure group has predicted. According to Roger Smith, director of the Legal Action Group, the plan to allow law firms to run block legal aid contracts will […]

In brief: LAB rapped over correspondence handling

The Parliamentary Ombudsman, Sir William Reid, has criticised the Legal Aid Board’s handling of correspondence. Referring to a complaint that the LAB was evasive and dishonest in its handling of solicitors’ correspondence, he said last week: “Delays occurred in associating letters with the file and in replying to correspondence, and points raised by the solicitors, […]

Going global for new alliances

The beauty of Scotland is that it is big enough to be important in the UK and small enough for everyone to know everyone else.” Secretary of State for Scotland George Younger’s made this comment on Scotland generally, but it is particularly apposite to the country’s legal profession. The legal community is small enough for […]

Profits from the pipeline

It may be known historically as the granite city, but more recently, Aberdeen’s fortunes have been oil-related both directly and indirectly. The oil industry and its international dimension is one of the aspects that differentiates it from Glasgow and Edinburgh as a legal marketplace. And one of the larger firms, Ledingham Chalmers has also been […]

FUTURE FOR FRAUD. The conman, the crime and the costs

Fraudsters using false financial instruments are stealing more than £6 million a day from businesses, individuals and even governments, according to a report by the International Chamber of Commerce. (The Times 1 March). That bland but startling report conceals much more than it reveals. The cost of fraud to society runs into billions and affects […]

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