New system speaks your language

Alison Laferia reports

PC users can surf the Net or produce electronic documents simply by talking, with a new version of speech recognition technology recently launched by Dragon Systems.

DragonDictate for Windows version 2.1: British English, allows the user to access Netscape browser menus and dialogue boxes by speaking.

It also lets the user dictate directly into Windows, without having to cut and paste.

The system includes support for the new word processing package Lotus WordPro, and is more accurate and faster than previous versions of DragonDictate.

Users can verbally produce Windows documents, enter numbers into spreadsheets and enter and retrieve data from their databases.

The system was created for British voices, spelling and vocabulary. New words can be added by saying and spelling them once. It is compatible with most 16-bit soundcards and Windows software.

Prices for the system start at £399. Dragon can be contacted on 01242 678575.