IT Books update

Alison Laferia reports

Business and Law on the Internet is a guide to the legal implications of doing business on the Net. The book assesses the potential risks and gives advice on carrying out legally secure activity on the Internet. Written by practising international lawyer Oliver Hance, it covers protection of intellectual property, freedom of expression and computer crime. It includes 20 standard contracts for doing business on-line. The book is published by McGraw-Hill and costs £29.95.

Multimedia: Contracts, Rights and Licensing is a specialist book produced by Denton Hall which aims to give both lawyers and their clients advice on all elements of a multi-media deal.

Written by Alan Williams, head of Denton Hall's media & technology group, along with solicitors Duncan Calow and Andrew Lee, the book is published by FT Law & Tax and is priced at £125.

h Sweet & Maxwell is offering free sample copies of its bi-monthly publication Computer and Telecommunications Law Review. The journal includes case reports and changes in regulations around the world, as well as articles and case analyses written by leading practitioners. Call the sample hotline on 01264 342795. Published by McGraw-Hill, the journal usually costs £29.95.