The green, green ass

And the race for the trophy for ‘greenest of the green’ starts here. Simmons & Simmons’ Mark Dawkins and SJ Berwin‘s David Harrel have been slugging it out so far to see which of their firms has the teeniest carbon toeprint, although the heat they generated on that row probably undid all their work.

Now coming up on the inside is cheeky chappie Jeff Twentyman. The Slaughter and May corporate partner may be beating them all to it. Not for him the corporate approach to going carbon-neutral. Tulkinghorn can reveal that, a) he can put his bike in his rucksack, and b) he has installed solar panels on his Hampstead pad.

“I’m London’s smallest electricity generator,” Twentyman admits. According to well-placed sources loitering by his meter, Twentyman also turns a profit by selling the leftover energy back to the Grid.

Rumours that Tim Clark has installed a wind turbine at Bunhill Row are as yet unconfirmed, but conspiracy theorists are already wondering what’s behind the disappearance of the water feature in the reception. Have eco warriors been at work?