Feuds for thought

We love lawyers. And we especially love feuding lawyers. The normally phlegmatic Swiss are at it today. See story.

It brought to mind ‘Great Feuds The Lawyer Has Known’. In recent memory we had DLA Piper‘s Nigel Knowles v Orrick’s Ralph Baxter, and Baxter seems to have most of Dewey Ballantine on his back after the collapse of their firms’ recent merger talks.

Another classic was Honda general counsel Christopher Morgan v Eversheds. Morgan was so disappointed with Eversheds he decided to rant to the world about it.

But, as with the Swiss, when former partners come back to bite the hand that once fed them, the fireworks can really fly. Morgan Cole v former partners was the dirtiest battle in Wales since the Prince v the Princess of that great country. And a bunch of former Linklaters partners took things one step further when they threatened the firm with dissolution. As the departing Tony Angel told The Lawyer last week: there’s been “ups and downs”. But he won. They failed.