BT GC appointed chair of global industry group

BT Global Services general counsel Tim Cowen has been named chair of industry best-practice group The International Association of Contract and Commercial Managers.

Cowen, general counsel and commercial director of BT Global Services, was appointed to take the reins as chairman from Bill Huber, TPI enterprise service delivery strategy project director.

Cowen, who joined BT as an anti-trust lawyer in 1991, said: “The IACCM brings together experts from around the world who are dedicated to improving and providing understanding on a series of cross-professional issues.”

IACCM has more than 5,000 members from about 1,200 corporations.

BT has a longstanding relationship with the IACCM, of which it shares common objectives in commercial contracting, commitment management and training and development.

Cowen said the development of trans-commercial relationships and the need to actively manage commercial commitments was one of the issues actively targeted by the IACCM as trade and commerce globalise.

He continued: “What IACCM and BT Global Services Legal and Regulatory teams do are completely aligned and complementary. Part of that really comes out of a need to understand how commercial relationships across many different countries operate.”