Arrow victory

Do you know which darts player is known as ‘Hawaii 501’? Or ‘Top Banana’? Or even ‘The Fen Tiger’? No, thought not.

Well this proud list of highly trained athletes (in case you were wondering, it’s Wayne Mardle, Mark Holden and Peter Evison respectively) was extended recently with the addition of Blackstone Chambers barrister (and avid darts player) Tom de la Mare QC.

De la Mare represented the World Darts Federation in its battle to have the right for the game to be officially recognised as a sport. When he won the case his client was so overcome with joy it decided to show its appreciation in the only way it could (apart from paying his bill, that is). Consequently, the next time de la Mare takes to the oche he will be wearing his very own personalised darts shirt.

Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for Tom ‘The Brief’ de la Mare.