Altar-native career paths

Many is the managing partner forced to fret about the exodus of associates to investment banks these days. Allen & Overy (A&O) for one has lost more than its fair share.

But now a new and potentially even more serious threat has emerged. It turns out that the lure of the First Estate is powerful indeed. So much so, that A&O’s corporate department has lost at least two lawyers to the clergy.

There is, of course, a fine tradition here. The crossover between lawyers and religion has a long and venerable history, perhaps best personified by Pope Boniface VIII, best known for rampaging against the French and formalising the canny profit-raising system of Jubilees to Catholicism.

We await news of A&O’s robed alumni with heady anticipation. But Tulkinghorn reckons the two priests would be busy enough at A&O just hearing confessions.