400 lawyers vote against Govt legal aid reform

Opposition to legal aid reforms grew today as 400 solicitors at a Law Society special general meeting unanimously voted to resist the Government’s proposals.

The stark warning to the Government comes just hours before Law Society vice president Andrew Holroyd and chief executive Desmond Hudson give oral evidence on the reforms to the Constitutional Affairs Select Committee.

The pair are expected to tell MPs that the current proposals threaten access to justice by risking irreparable damage to the legal aid supplier base.

Hudson said: “The government are rushing through these proposals without the degree of detailed consideration that is vital. The overall effect of these many changes is uncertain if they are introduced to the current timetable but there is a real risk that legal aid solicitors will soon be rarer than NHS dentists.”

Concerns over the proposals have also led to 96 MPs from all parties signing up to an early day motion pressing the Government to rethink their proposals.