case study: war on want

War on Want is a registered charity set up to combat world poverty and promote human rights. It is involved in a dispute with the Foreign Office (FO) about the FO's decision to permit the export of gun parts to Morocco for use in its occupation of Western Sahara. War on Want believes that the Government is endorsing arms support to a disputed territory. The charity's campaigning body Wow Campaign has taken legal advice from Stephen Grosz, head of administrative law at Bindman & Partners, on pursuing a judicial review of the FO's decision. It has written to the FO setting out its position.

Issues arise, such as how Wow would be funded if it was to bring a judicial review action, and whether it would be in pursuance of War on Want's charitable remit if it were to bring an action itself. War on Want argues that it is in pursuance of its objects, as the FO's decision causes Western Sahara refugees to remain in refugee camps, prolonging poverty and countering their objects to reduce poverty in that area. War on Want awaits a response from the FO.