Top names rally to charity's cause

AN IMPRESSIVE array of senior legal figures has rallied to the banner of a cash-strapped charity dedicated to finding missing people.

Nine lawyer members of the House of Lords have signed up as vice-patrons of a new national appeal being launched by the National Missing Persons Helpline, established three years ago.

Among them are Vice-Chancellor Sir Richard Scott, family division president Sir Stephen Brown, Lord Woolf, Lord Mishcon and Lord Alexander of Weedon.

The charity, which relies on voluntary donations, says it has become a victim of its own success as more and more people and organisations turn to it for help.

Its profile was raised during the Frederick and Rosemary West multiple-murder case in Gloucester when it was able to use its database to identify four of the victims.

But the charity also plays the more positive role of reuniting families.

A spokesman said a shortfall in the charity's funds had grown with its reputation.

He added: “Reuniting families is just one of the interests the profession and the charity have in common. So are charitable legacies.

“The NMPH is anxious to gain a place in the thoughts of those considering charitable bequests, covenants and gifts, and to those advising them on where to commit their funds.”