Tulkinghorn: Cry Emirates

Leaving the Emirates last month having seen his beloved Arsenal beat Bolton and ascend towards the dizzying summit of the Premier League, Bickerton was shocked to find that some opportunistic North London toerags had nicked his bike. And it wasn’t the first time either. Earlier this season the luckless Bickerton had his motorbike helmet stolen outside the ground. Still, a small price to pay to see your team lift its first trophy in half a decade, surely?

Alas, an alliance of Rooney, Drogba and some chap called John Terry has meant Bickerton’s sacrifices appear to have been in vain. And the sporting gods have been no kinder on the rugby front – Bickerton’s Welsh.

You give launch a bad name

Whoever comes up with the names for these top-secret projects at Clyde & Co is no culture vulture. The firm’s latest venture, a new office in New Jersey, was apparently called ­’Project Bon Jovi’, because that’s where the feather-haired, ballad belter hails from. The choice says a lot about whoever gets to name these things, if you ask Tulkinghorn.

Using the same criteria Clydes could have chosen from a number of ­distinguished New ­Jerseyans: Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, Frank Sinatra, Meryl Streep, or even Bruce Springsteen. But no. Bon Jovi it was.

What’s next? Plans for a new office in India called ’Project Shilpa Shetty off Big Brother’?

Titled classes

Earlier this month Oxford & Beaumont became the first Ghanaian law firm to open in the UK. Managing partner Elikem Nutifafa Kuenyehia says the name of the firm derives from
his old university and the street he lived on while he was studying there. Talk about staying true to your school.

Tulkinghorn thought about doing the same when he was an idealistic young grad with nothing but a hard-earned ’Douglas Hurd’ and a pocket full of dreams. But after realising he’d have to call it Slough Polytechnic & A Squat above Abra-Kebabra LLP, he quickly rubbished the idea.

The scales of justice

Tulkinghorn was a bit of a dab hand with the old rod in his day. Many was the hour idled away on a sun-dappled bank, waiting for that magic moment when the line snaps taut, the rod dips its head and the double whisky and soda is reluctantly put down so that the eternal ­struggle between man and fish can begin.

Mayer Brown real estate partner Nick Marshall knows all about that moment. Marshall is one of the leading lights behind the Lawyers’ Fishing Club, an organisation that each year holds a beginners’ and new members’ day to kick off the season.

This year that falls on Saturday 27 March. Tulkinghorn is delighted to inform any keen or wannabe anglers that the club has booked the fishery at the Rib Valley Lakes in Hertfordshire for its exclusive use that day.

A buffet lunch, tuition and the chance to catch a fish or two on a beautiful, sunny, spring day. What more could you want?

Anyone interested should get in touch with Marshall at ­nmarshall@mayerbrown.com. No doubt he can tell you anyfin you want to know about the day.