Aitken to pay daughter's legal fees

Leading criminal practice Burton Copeland has won a court battle to allow the disgraced former Conservative minister Jonathan Aitken to pay his daughter's legal fees.

Victoria Aitken was arrested last year over an alleged conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, relating to a statement she signed as part of her father's libel action against The Guardian and Granada TV. The police cleared her of complicity.

Her legal fees, believed to be thousands of pounds, remained unpaid because The Guardian obtained a Mareva injunction, freezing Aitken's assets. It was agreed Aitken would be granted an allow-ance to pay his legal fees, plus a monthly income for living expenses.

But when Aitken tried to pay his daughter's legal fees The Guardian objected, says Burton Copeland.

Partner Harry Travers says: “We achieved a good result… On 24 January, Justice Moses approved a Consent Order that the defence fees could be paid in Victoria's case. The Guardian caved in at the eleventh hour.”