Litigation Recent Decisions 16/12/97

New sentencing guidelines for children and young persons

R v (1) Aaron Mills (2) Daniel Marsh (3) Carl Lamb (4) Robert King (5) Brendan Moloney (6) Gavin Howe (7) Damien Holder (8) Lee Whittaker (1997)

Court: CA (Bingham LCJ, Douglas Brown J, Kay J) 5/12/97

Summary: New guidance was provided and conclusions drawn by the Appeal Court in light of the changed sentencing regime which now prevails in relation to children and young persons.

Eight appeals listed together which raised issues concerning custodial sentences imposed by the crown court on offenders aged 14, 15, 16 or 17 on date of conviction. All of the appellants had been sentenced in different courts at different times for offences of varying seriousness. The court was not concerned with orders for detention at Her Majesty's Pleasure.