Germans throw in the towel

It may be getting a tad late for this story as, judging by the number of voicemails Tulkinghorn is coming up against when on the blower, most of you are already on the beach. But one kindly soul has offered the following nugget of advice for any UK tourist faced with the all-too-familiar Teutonic-towel-on-the-sun-lounger scenario: “A British tourist would be quite within their legal rights to ignore the reservation implied by the towels if there is nobody there.”

This legal revelation is a welcome shot in the arm for those unfortunate Brits that spend their evenings longing for their moment relaxing in the sun, only to find all the spaces have been taken when they get down to the pool.

Of course, Tulkinghorn would never be so crass as to suggest that the practice is one solely in the domain of German tourists. So thanks are due to Ralf Höcker, the German lawyer who spent months researching German and Spanish law and who came to the conclusion that the practice is not legally binding. Danke schön!