MEPs ditch Euro IP court for national alternative

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are trying to water down a strongly centralised EU 'community patent' system that would grant jurisdiction over disputes to a new EU intellectual property court

The European Parliament's legal affairs committee is calling for national courts to be given the job.
The move should dismay the European Commission, which has been seeking a simpler system to avoid conflicting national rulings marring an EU patent's uniform applicability across the EU. In amendments that will be tabled at the full parliament, the committee is proposing that central judgments should cover only appeals.
Committee members are also tinkering with the proposed rule that the patent need be written in only one official EU language. MEPs voted to propose that a patent applicant should indicate a second “procedural” language from a choice of English, French, German, Italian and Spanish that would be acceptable for any legal proceedings.
The system is supposed to be simpler than that for existing European patents, which are translated into the language of each member state where they are in force.