Liddle Italy

Tulkinghorn was bemused to read news of the latest recruits to join Scottish firm Liddle & Anderson.
The firm, with offices in Bo'ness and Edinburgh, has recently (well it was actually in November, but don't let that detract from the story) recruited two Italian lawyers. Gianni Mana and Mirella Marchini, respectively a partner and associate of Pier-grossi Villa Manca Graziadei, have joined the firm as consultants in Italian law.
Huh? When exactly did Scotland develop such hunger for Italian legal advice? Then it all became clear – the firm has offices in Edinburgh and Bo'ness and because of Tulkinghorn's extensive knowledge of the region he knows that both these places are home to very famous ice-cream shops: Luca's in Edinburgh and Corvi's in Bo'ness.
Perhaps Liddle & Anderson is planning to pitch for work from these establishments. Tulkinghorn just hopes there's no repeat of the infamous Ice Cream Wars.